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If a lone worker misses a safety check or taps the ‘Emergency’ button in their Safe Alone app, an alarm ... Read more
We are pleased to announce improved features and location tracking updates in our recently released CheckMate Safe Alone v2.3 app. With ... Read more
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Winter work safety lone workers
There are many outdoor jobs that carry an increased risk of serious cold injury due to exposure during the winter ... Read more
CheckMate Saves Your Business Money
Safety products and services are often viewed as bottom-line costs and when you add the costs of what could or ... Read more
Protecting your employees and keeping your business operational is now more important than ever. Outbreaks of coronavirus or influenza can ... Read more
If your business is like ours, when COVID-19 hit, you looked at how you could continue operate without putting your ... Read more
You and your company have committed to ensuring the safety of all employees and through CheckMate, the safety of employees ... Read more
What happens when employees Working Alone or Working in Isolation are not checked on? This answer can be summed up in ... Read more
Lone workers represent a significant portion of the workforce with approximately 25 – 49 million employed lone workers worldwide. It ... Read more