Are Your Employees Using CheckMate When They Should?

Apr 7, 2021


Are Your Employees Using CheckMate When They Should? ...

We understand how hard it can be to remember even the most basic to-do items in daily life, especially these days. Habit-building can take many months, and when it comes to new steps to take in an already busy workday, forgetting something can eventually happen to anyone.

From a lone worker safety perspective, any safety monitoring system put in place will only perform well if usage is consistent. For most administrators it simply isn’t feasible to continuously check whether or not their employees working alone are using their Safe Alone app.

To help administrators ensure that their workers are protected, we have developed a simple reminder tool to help your lone workers remember to activate their safety checks when they are scheduled to be working alone.

A text is sent to an employee if they have not activated their Safe Alone app for a set time period. A direct link to the app is included, saving the employee time if they did forget to activate their safety checks. The reminder text can be scheduled to suit the employee’s schedule, and administrators can set-and-forget this feature, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

This new reminder feature is live and ready to be added to your lone worker safety plan and can be accessed in your administrative Dashboard. To request setup assistance for end-user reminders, contact your CheckMate representative directly or click here to send an email, we’re happy to help.