Improving Lone Worker Safety Compliance

Implementing lone worker safety checks can be a challenge. Let us help.


We continuously update CheckMate Working Alone tools, learning from our customers and the safety challenges they face as employers. We have four built-in features and administrative tools specifically designed to improve lone worker safety check usage and compliance.


Do your lone workers frequently forget to start their safety checks? Administrators can preset a time for each day of the week when CheckMate will be activated. Your employees will automatically be protected from the start of their shift and will be able to deactivate their safety checks at the end of each day.

Text Message Reminders

For employees using the Safe Alone app or receiving their safety checks by cell phone, a text message reminder can be sent after a preset number of days has passed without CheckMate safety check activation.

Set Schedules

Administrators can set CheckMate to automatically activate and deactivate according to a preset schedule. This option is especially useful for lone workers who forget to activate and deactivate their safety checks.

Usage Summary Reports

We recommend the use of our automated reporting option, which can be set to send weekly, monthly or quarterly reports to key management and administrative personnel. These reports provide a clear audit trail of employee safety check usage, giving managers an opportunity to identify and address any issues.