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Employee Safety Solutions for Every Workplace

What is CheckMate Work Safe?

CheckMate Work Safe is a suite of flexible employee safety solutions designed to be easily implemented and to deliver peace-of-mind for staff whether they are onsite or working remotely. Work Safe products include eALERT, SOS, and the CheckMate EBT Sensor.


CheckMate eALERT

A set of emergency buttons that are added to a computer’s taskbar. By clicking on an eALERT icon, a distress alarm will be sent to ProTELEC’s 24/7 Monitoring Centre where live, professionally trained staff will be there to respond.


CheckMate SOS

A wearable pendant designed to sense when a fall occurs, automatically generating an emergency alarm to our Monitoring Center. An operator will contact the employee through the SOS pendent to determine if they require any assistance.


CheckMate EBT Sensor

The Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Sensor is a body temperature scanner that can be used for both employees and customers. These can be installed at each entry point, and body temperature measurement is confirmed optically and acoustically within only 0.6 seconds, using a GREEN or RED light to indicate whether or not a fever may be present.

This is an important early screening tool for infections such as the coronavirus.

Contact us toll-free at 1-866-775-6620 for a detailed consultation about CheckMate Work Safe, or if you’re unsure which CheckMate product is right for your situation.