Health & Safety Reporting System

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Do health and safety incidents occurring at your business go unreported?

Is the process of manually reporting incidents overly time-consuming, challenging to finish, and untrackable?

With CheckMate’s Health & Safety Reporting System, you can automate and simplify the whole process and it can be done by phone or online, anytime, anywhere!

Streamlined Incident Reporting Made Easy


Always Available

24/7 via phone or

Seamless Recording

Phone call-in method captures details without typing.

Your System, Your Way

Customizable and branded to match your needs.

Instant Alerts

Key contacts notified via email or text with a link to the report.

Continuous Vigilance

24/7 live monitoring
ensures no incident goes unnoticed.

Insightful Dashboard

Secure Client Dashboard provides concise summaries and a searchable event history

Health & Safety Reporting at Your Fingertips

From your Dashboard you can see a complete history and a concise summary of all reports made and be able to drill into any report for further information.

Reports are conveniently accessible via your Secure Client Dashboard where you can review call recordings and manage incidents.

Health & Safety System Reporting Contact Form

Fill out the form below to discover how CheckMate’s Health & Safety Reporting System can simplify your incident reporting! 


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