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Protect and Monitor Your Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we work, with many employees now working remotely – often from home.

Commutes have changed as well, and we may be avoiding public transit, or we no longer drive with other employees to job sites, and as a result we frequently travel alone.

In many provinces, working from home is considered to be working alone, and employers are required by law to regularly monitor the safety of lone workers regardless of where they are working.

The CheckMate Safe Alone app is an ideal solution, providing easy safety monitoring that requires no additional hardware, and is simple to install and use. Employees are able to check-in at scheduled times right from their phone.

Additionally, working from home often requires greater schedule flexibility, and CheckMate Working Alone makes check-in interval adjustments available to both administrators and employees, and all that’s needed is access to a phone.

The Working Alone Administrative Dashboard is accessed through our secure web-based system and includes the ability to see lone worker locations in a map view, access check-in and alarm data logs, and to generate reports.

Learn more about the CheckMate Safe Alone worker app.