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Keeping Your Child Care Staff Safe and Complying with Manitoba Working Alone Regulations

Child care staff face many challenges as they care for their children each day and they also face additional risks as they often work alone:

    • Walking children to and from the daycare.
    • Waiting for children to get picked up or dropped off from the bus alone.
    • Opening or closing the child care facility each day.
    • Management team working alone in the building or isolated in an office away from the program.
    • Cleaner/housekeeper working after hours alone.

The Province of Manitoba’s Working Alone Regulation (Section 9 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Act) defines “Working Alone” as the performance of any work function by a worker who:

    • is the only worker for that employer at that workplace at any time, and
    • is not directly supervised by the employer, or another person designated as a supervisor by the employer, at any time.

As the employer, you must:

    • Identify risks arising from the worker’s work and take steps to eliminate or reduce these risks.
    • Develop a safe ‘working alone’ policy and procedures and provide training of the procedures.
    • Establish an effective form of communication.
    • Communication must include a system of regular contact on appropriate/predetermined intervals (Safety Checks Frequency).

With ProTELEC’s Safe Alone app, You can Protect Your Staff and Comply with Manitoba’s Working Alone Regulations

If an emergency occurs, your child care staff can trigger an emergency alarm to notify ProTELEC’s Emergency Monitoring personnel instantly. Location coordinates are sent with the alarm and updated when the phone location changes.

Managing Safety Checks couldn’t be easier:


  • Safety Checks are controlled with the push of a button. Simply open the smartphone app and click ‘Activate’.
  • Check in with the tap of a button.
  • Proactively check in to confirm your safety and reset the clock.
  • With each check-in, the location coordinates are collected.
  • After each check-in is confirmed, the next check-in time is displayed, and reminders occur via pop-up notifications.

In 2023, we made over 3.4 million Safety Checks on employees working alone. 

“We recently implemented Checkmate to protect our staff when working alone and to ensure we were meeting the provincial regulatory requirements. The app is very user-friendly, was simple to implement and is cost- effective. As an organization, Checkmate provides us with peace of mind knowing our staff are checked on while working alone and can signal for help should something happen.”

Heather Olson

Executive Director, Knox Day Nursery

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