Why use an automated safety check-in system?

The consequences of not monitoring your lone workers can be very serious. Manual safety check-ins and use of the ‘buddy system’ are prone to human error and delayed emergency response times. Automated safety check-ins are reliable and substantially improve emergency response times. For emplyers relying on a manual safety check-in system, automated safety checks are a more cost-efficient option and delivers a substantial return on investment in both time and money.

Does CheckMate Working Alone meet Federal and Provincial lone worker safety regulations?

Yes. CheckMate Working Alone is designed to meet and exceed the requirements set by lone worker safety legislation. We provide a comprehensive safety check system for employees working alone or in isolation, with tools designed to fit seamlessly within an organization’s existing health and safety policies and procedures. To learn more about Federal and Provincial lone worker safety laws and how to identify lone worker risks, please visit our Working Alone Legislation information page.

What is the Emergency Monitoring Centre (EMC)?

Our Emergency Monitoring Centre is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and staffed by professionally trained operators. The Emergency Monitoring Centre receives annual inspections certifying that it meets their demanding requirements for architectural and physical security features, has adequate emergency power, and state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. We follow strict, standard operating practices ensuring that protocol is never undermined. To learn more about ProTELEC Emergency Monitoring & Call Centre services, please visit our Emergency Monitoring and Response information page.

Who is responsible for reviewing check-ins and providing alarm response?

Our Emergency Centre Operators monitor safety check results and provide a trained, live response if a safety check is missed. Our team is dedicated to the cause of personal safety and security. Our centre operates 24/7 and our team responds to safety and security alarms by following strict procedures.

How do check-ins work?

With the Safe Alone app, simply tap “check-in” on the home screen when prompted.

For check-ins via phone, our automated system will call the employee at designated times throughout the day. When the call is received, the individual enters their 4-digit PIN, confirming they are safe.

If the check-in is missed for any reason, an automated call will follow within an employer-defined timline, usually after 3-5 minutes. Should the second check-in attempt be missed as well, an alarm is sent to our Emergency Monitoring Centre, and one of our operators will attempt to call the person. If this goes unanswered, ProTELEC operators immediately notify the proper parties to ensure that the lone worker or person living alone is out of harm’s way.

Is CheckMate able to track a lone worker’s location?

Yes, for some of our Working Alone services GPS tracking is available. Our Safe Alone app provides live GPS tracking showing exactly where a lone worker is and in which direction they are headed. This can be tracked through our dashboard feature and is only accessible to administrators and our emergency operators. Location tracking options via written text and/or voice recordings are also available and can assist with journey management documentation.

Can the check-ins be turned on and off remotely?

Yes. Check-ins can be remotely activated or deactivated through the app, our website or by calling our Emergency Monitoring Centre.

Reach our Automated CheckMate Attendant at 1-866-923-3885, and follow the menu to activate or deactivate check-ins, change call frequencies, or delay calls. Safety checks can be deactivated for the Safe Alone app through the dashboard feature.

Can help be summoned between check-ins?

Within the Safe Alone app, there is an emergency button. When a lone worker taps this button it sends an alarm to our Emergency Monitoring Centre. Along with the alarm, this button sends the worker’s GPS coordinates which allows us to pinpoint exactly where they are when the distress signal is sent. The GPS coordinates are updated every minute until the alarm is resolved.

What if the lone worker does not have proper cell reception?

Our CheckMate products can be accessed through any phone, whether it is a smartphone, landline, or satellite phone. The lone worker can simply inform us that they are going into a location with limited cell service by activating and deactivating their own check-ins manually. This option is also helpful when the employee knows they will be driving and cannot safely answer their phone.

How does CheckMate accommodate a lone worker when the level of risk changes?

CheckMate gives lone workers the ability to change their call frequency to match the risk level of their work environment. They can set a shorter interval between check-ins if they know they are entering an area where the risks may be high or set a longer check-in interval when risks are low.

A lone worker may also use the SafeWalk feature within the Safe Alone app. When activated, SafeWalk sends location information to ProTELEC frequently via GPS. By pressing the power button on their device, an emergency alert is immediately sent to our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre.

How do I change my Safety Check frequency on the Safe Alone app?

When safety checks are activated, there is an option to change the frequency at the bottom of the screen. Safety check frequencies can be set to as short as every 5 minutes and up to as long as every 8 hours.

How can I get assistance in changing my CheckMate account settings and making service amendments?

Our team of safety specialists are here to help. Submit an account maintenance request using our online service request form and we will make the necessary account updates. For urgent and after-hours account maintenance needs please call 1-888-440-0701.

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