Does a Safety Service Provide You with a Return on Your Investment?

Nov 25, 2020


Does a Safety Service Provide You with a Return on Your Investment? ...

Does a Safety Service Provide You with a Return on Your Investment?

Safety products and services are often viewed as bottom-line costs and when you add the costs of what could or might happen, you can further justify the expenditure. Of course it’s an investment in your most important resource, your staff, but sometimes it is really nice to know that this cost is actually saving you money!

How does CheckMate save you money?

As Employers, we are responsible for the safety of our employees and if they are working alone, we are obligated to check on them regularly to ensure that they are safe. Companies often implement internal manual systems to protect their working alone employees because they think manual systems are easier to implement and are less expensive.  A simple cost comparison quickly proves otherwise.

Consider the effort and costs involved in having an office employee monitor one lone worker:

  • The lone worker calls in to the office every two hours.
  • An office employee answers each call and records the time of the call, and where the lone worker is and will be until the next call.
  • The office employee resets a timer after each call to ensure that if the lone worker does not call in, the office worker is reminded to call the lone worker.
  • The time spent by both the office employee and lone worker to stop what they are doing, check-in and log the call, is approximately 5 minutes per call.
  • The wage of the employees involved is $20.00 per hour.

All of this adds-up to the true cost of Lone Worker Monitoring:

 4 calls per day x 5 minutes x 2 employees x 20 working days in a month = 800 minutes (13.33 hours)

13.33 hours x $20/hour = $266.67 per month spent on checking up on one employee working alone.

At $34* per month or less, CheckMate Working Alone is 87% less expensive
($34 is our single user rate, which drops substantially with larger numbers of users)


In addition to substantial savings in time and money, using CheckMate Working Alone to monitor the safety of your lone workers provides further benefits:

  • 100% reliable thanks to automation: The safety of an employee working alone is not dependent upon a person remembering to make calls or an office employee knowing when a lone worker hasn’t called. What happens when the office worker calls in sick or is on holidays – who is monitoring the lone worker then? Automation improves reliability and removes the possibile negative consequences of human error and unforseen circumstances.
  • Every Safety Check and result is logged: CheckMate Working Alone provides you with an audit trail that meets legislative and regulatory requirements, ensuring your company has done its due diligence were an incident to ever occur.
  • Missed Safety Checks get an immediate response: When an employee working alone misses a Safety Check, an alarm is generated in our Emergency Monitoring Centre and our professionally trained operators respond immediately.
  • Unlimited Safety Checks: With CheckMate a user can easily adjust their Safety Check frequency for increased risks and hazards while they work. For example, a person working a hazardous job may require Safety Checks every 30 minutes due to the risks that they face while working alone. An administrative employee working from home might require a lower frequency of Safety Checks throughout the day. Additional safety checks in a manual process will cost more time and money as illustrated in our earlier example, but with CheckMate your Safety Check scheduling is unlimited with no additional hidden costs.
  • Easily manage Safety Checks for multiple people working alone: With each additional employeee to be monitored while working alone, the manual process in our example gets much more complicated, time consuming and expensive. CheckMate Working Alone simplifies the Safety Check process, giving you intuitive administrative tools to manage employee schedules and check on their automated check-ins using the Working Alone Dashboard. Generate reports, track GPS locations for each check-in, and add or remove users tasily. Want help managing your Working Alone schedules and settings? We can do that too – just contact us for support and administrative assistance customized to your business needs.
  • Reduced workload on staff: By reducing wasted time and allowing individuals to focus on their key ‘revenue generating’ tasks and responsibilities with fewer distractions, CheckMate Working Alone can benefit the overall productivity of your staff.

Beyond these practical time and money saving considerations, there are other benefits to using CheckMate Working Alone:

  • Organizations with best practices in safety can attract higher quality workers.
  • Companies with quality Safety Management Systems (SMS) have more engaged staff and lower absentee rates.
  • Organizations that meet Safety Certifications and Regulations can often bid on and be awarded more projects.
  • Established safety systems and best practices reduce liability concerns including chances of potential fines and legal costs.

Ready to make your move? For more information on our CheckMate Working Alone solution and how we can save you money, call 1-855-946-0937 or use our simple Contact Form.