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Lone Worker Risk Assessment
A consistent risk assessment approach can ensure that your safety program is effective and meets regulatory requirements ... Read more
The world of work has recently undergone dramatic and lasting changes. ... Read more
Summer heat construction site, two workers
Heat stress can be particularly dangerous for employees working alone. The summer risks to outdoor workers may seem obvious, with many ... Read more
Working alone from home, no assistance in an emergency
The hazards of some jobs can be obvious, such as the risk of a machinery accident or when working with ... Read more
Seasonal worker park maintenance lone employee safety
Across North America, governments and businesses are hiring additional workers for the upcoming summer. The duties and responsibilities of many ... Read more
We understand how hard it can be to remember even the most basic to-do items in daily life, especially these ... Read more
Are you concerned your clients may forget to take their medications? With our automated reminder service, pharmacies and healthcare providers ... Read more
High demand for senior’s housing will challenge property and facility managers to provide effective preventative safety measures as part of ... Read more
If a lone worker misses a safety check or taps the ‘Emergency’ button in their Safe Alone app, an alarm ... Read more
We are pleased to announce improved features and location tracking updates in our recently released CheckMate Safe Alone v2.3 app. With ... Read more