Protecting High-Risk Retail Workers

Oct 14, 2021


Protecting High-Risk Retail Workers ...


The lone-working requirements of retail jobs are often overlooked, but it is actually a job sector with unique and high-levels of risk When it comes to retail worker safety, the possibility of unpredictable or criminal behaviour from store customers should be considered. The responsibilities of many retail roles require periods of working alone or in isolation which can carry extra risk. The danger to lone workers is increased during the daily opening and closing routine at a retail location.


Health and safety risks to retail workers vary by industry. All retail employees are exposed to substantially higher risk when working alone or in isolation.

For example, retail operations specializing in the sale of alcohol, cannabis or tobacco are often the target of theft or aggressive crime. These situations endanger retail employees, especially those who are isolated while on the job. Interacting with the public can be unpredictable and retail employees should be checked-on regularly for their safety.

To address this heightened risk for one of our retail clients, we implemented the use of the Safe Alone app at locations across Canada. As employees work throughout large retail spaces, often out of sight of their co-workers and managers, the Safe Alone app is with them at all times on their smartphone. Employees complete safety checks with minimal interruption to their workday because they do not need to get to a landline. The Safe Alone app also provides an immediate ‘Emergency Alert’ button in the event of an incident.

Due to the scale of risk in this particular type of retail environment, we customized our response protocols to meet the client’s unique needs. Our 24/7 Monitoring Centre screens for false alarms and ensures that emergency help can be quickly dispatched.


Reduced staffing has contributed to an increase in lone workers at retail stores and showrooms.

Another of our retail clients manages the operation of large showroom locations. Due to a recent reduction in staffing, they have found that lone worker situations are occurring more often. Working with their management team, we helped to address this unexpected gap in staff safety. The adjustments made have also kept the client compliant with Provincial Lone Worker Regulations. With Checkmate’s monitoring in place, staff have quickly adapted to the regular use of the Safe Alone app and CheckMate services.

Prioritizing retail workplace safety checks is an important part of an enhanced safety policy. These pro-active steps contribute to a company’s commitment to valuing their staff and creating a culture of safety.


ProTELEC has extensive experience in addressing the unique safety concerns of retail businesses.

As part of our comprehensive approach to protecting high-risk retail workers, we also provide preventative and layered security tools. Our high-tech property security products and services such as access control and CCTV systems help to build a complete approach to employee and customer safety.

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