Safety Solutions for Residential Facilities and Home Healthcare

Mar 23, 2021


Safety Solutions for Residential Facilities and Home Healthcare ...

Like many countries, Canada has a large proportion of the population that is over age 65, and the number of older Canadians who will be choosing assisted-living facilities and retirement communities is expected to increase substantially.

High demand for senior’s housing will challenge property and facility managers to provide effective preventative safety measures as part of their residential amenities package. In-home care services are also expected to expand as many aging Canadians opt for the independence of remaining in their homes but may still require periodic assistance from caregivers.

There are many risks to seniors living alone and timely assistance is critical for positive outcomes. Minor falls can become major medical emergencies if undetected. Pre-existing medical conditions may cause unexpected acute illness. Manually performing well-being checks can be a costly and time-consuming method of ensuring the wellness and safety of residents or homecare patients. It is important to provide seniors with a sense of independence while giving family members and caregivers the confidence that help will be provided quickly when needed.

Can all of these varying needs be balanced affordably and efficiently?

CheckMate Safe Check is a simple, automated safety service that provides consistent and reliable safety checks for seniors living alone. Our affordable monitoring service ensures that timely assistance can be provided if an incident occurs. Backed by our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre, our service requires no additional hardware or software and works with any landline or cell phone service.


CheckMate Safe Check will call your residents to check on their safety twice a day, morning and evening.

  • When receiving an automated Safety Check call, pressing 1 on the phone keypad will confirm that the resident has received the call and is safe.
  • If the call goes unanswered, a follow-up call will happen 3 minutes later.
  • If there is still no answer to a Safe Check call, an alarm is generated in our Emergency Monitoring Centre where follow-up and notifications to Alert Contacts will occur.
  • The Alert Contact list may include family members, residence managers or caregivers.
  • These contacts can then provide the immediate appropriate actions to confirm the safety and well-being of the resident.

It’s that simple! With branding to match your company identity, our Safe Check system fits seamlessly into your services. You can learn more about how our Alert Contacts system works, and contact us to find out if CheckMate Safe Check is a good fit for your assisted-living facility, senior residence property, or in-home care services.