Medication Reminders for Your Patients

Mar 30, 2021


Medication Reminders for Your Patients ...

Pharmacists and caregivers provide expertise and medication scheduling information to their patients on a regular basis, but all too often this does not mean that a patient remembers to take their medication at the prescribed times.

Manually monitoring the medication schedules of multiple patients is expensive and time-consuming, and even the most well-trained home healthcare providers find it difficult to ensure the pharmacist’s directions are being followed.

Are you concerned your clients may forget to take their medications?

Do you have family members that purchase medications for their loved ones and want to be reassured?

Are you looking to provide additional health and safety services for your clients, that separate your pharmacy from others and provide you with a new revenue stream?

If you manage a pharmacy or home healthcare service, or are a pharmacist or caregiver, you may have already asked yourself some of these questions. Setting an alarm or using an app as a reminder may seem like a plausible solution, but what happens if the reminder is missed?

CheckMate Med Check will call your customers to remind them to take their scheduled medications. With our automated reminder service, pharmacies and healthcare providers can offer a new level of customer care. CheckMate Med Check is a proactive communication service designed to remind people to take their medications, providing an automated follow-up to notify caregivers or family in the event that a Med Check reminder is missed.

  • Enroll customers through a simple Point of Sale setup, no software or hardware to install.
  • When the customer receives their automated reminder call, simple entry of the number 1 will confirm that they have received the reminder notice. If the call goes unanswered, a follow-up call will happen 3 minutes later.
  • If there is still no answer, an alarm is generated in our Emergency Monitoring Centre where follow-up and notifications to Alert Contacts will occur, notifying them that their parent or patient did not respond to the reminder Med Check phone call.
  • The Alert Contact list may include family, caregivers, home-care representatives or private nurses.
  • Caregivers can then provide an immediate appropriate response, ensuring your client’s important medication is taken as you prescribed.

With our set-it-and-forget it reminder service you can provide an additional level of care to your customers and clients, complete with branding to match your company identity. You can learn more about how our Alert Contacts system works, and contact us to find out if CheckMate Med Check is a good fit for your pharmacy or caregiving service.