Do you have a lone worker working for you?

Dec 20, 2018


Do you have a lone worker working for you? ...

Do you know that being a lone worker is not necessarily a full-time job? For example, a worker might work in the office with other coworkers for most of the day, however, is considered a lone worker when they leave for site visits to areas where there is no supervision and has no contact with co-workers.

Did you know that a person is considered a lone worker when:

  • They are working without supervision.
  • Can’t be seen or heard by others while on the job.
  • Goes for long periods of time without contact with coworkers.

You might not realize that employees working in isolation tend to be more vulnerable than employers that have coworkers present. In the case of an emergency, lone workers have no way of getting help. For example, in the event the worker is unconscious, not getting help right away can result in serious consequences.

Lone workers are also at a heightened risk of violence at work! An employee working alone might be more vulnerable if they were dealing with an angry or abusive customer. Therefore, it’s important to have lone worker monitoring in place confirming lone worker safety. CHECKMATE Working Alone involves regular check-ins ensuring that the employee working alone is safe.

As an employer, you must provide a safe workplace for all workers. Therefore, you must identify if you have a lone worker. You must determine if assistance is readily available for the lone worker in your workplace. You should ask the following questions:

  • Are other people in the vicinity?
  • Are those people aware of your worker’s need for assistance?
  • Are they willing to provide assistance?
  • Are they able to provide assistance in a timely manner?

Our CHECKMATE Working Alone monitoring system allows you to ensure your workers are safe. To find out more about how CHECKMATE Working Alone meets work alone legislation and how it can help you avoid spending unnecessary amounts of funds or travelling to their location for physical check-ins, contact one of our lone worker experts today!